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The Sineg Construction Team has an exceptional knowledge of the construction industry and strive to ensure consistent success through delivery. The combination of their individual skill sets make for a formidable team that is ready, willing and able to go the extra mile and to provide a professional service to clients, regardless of challenges.

Your #1 Carport-, Shadeport- and/or Patio Installer, Building- and/or Renovator Contractor and Interior/Exterior Painter

About Us & Company Values

Sineg Construction is a leader in its field, in providing value-added construction services to our clients by creating a successful partnership throughout the building process. We specialize in construction services in Pretoria and Centurion and our pledge is to establish lasting relationships with our clients by exceeding their expectations and gaining their trust through the exceptional performance of every member of our construction team.

The CEO of Sineg Construction has more than 36 years experience within the construction field and his expertise is proudly and continously carried over to the next generation of Sineg Construction.

Through this, we have acquired invaluable knowledge, skill, experience and expertise. Consequently, we have become a competent player in the local construction landscape.

Our Services


SINEG CONSTRUCTION’S workmanship represent some of the BEST CARPORTS, AWNING- & PERGOLA builders in PRETORIA and CENTURION today with more than 36 years experience. If you are looking for carports in PRETORIA and CENTURION, you came to the right place. Through SINEG CONSTRUCTION, you can get the most affordable and best quality carport quotes. Every builder has a wealth of experience and provide professional, reliable tradesman that can get the job done on time and on budget. Every job comes with a warranty and quality workmanship.

Patio Awnings

Awnings by SINEG CONSTRUCTION, are low on maintenance. Installing awnings, particularly patio covers and cabanas, is like adding a room to your house or commercial structure without the cost, mess and downtime of a construction project. Awnings protect carpets, furniture, draperies, inventories, windows and doors from both sun and rain damage.
In addition, awnings provide more comfortable living and working spaces, both inside and outside your home or building, as they keep temperatures down in the summer and keep surfaces dry. This result in both improved usage of existing space and reduced energy costs.


At SINEG CONSTRUCTION we provide top quality shadeport that are unique and a economical alternative to traditional garages.
Shadeports offer a cost-effective solution for covered parking for small to large areas with a semi-waterproof or waterproof option available, our systems are of the highest standard.

Patio Ceilings

Patio ceilings by SINEG CONSTRUCTION, set the benchmark for beautiful extensions of your home and patios away from conventional building methods designed to complement and enhance your properties aesthetics whilst adding a great increase in its value it’s the ideal product to give your home a fully functional aesthetically stunning feature.
SINEG CONSTRUCTION offers a wide range of available finishes. This product never disappoints and always impresses, can be designed to suit most architectural designs.

Building & Construction

SINEG CONSTRUCTION, proudly present the following building services to you:
* All General/Basic Building, Construction and Renovations;
* Painting, Tiling, Brickwork, Plumbing etc.;
* Domestic & Commercial;
* Bathroom Revamp or Remodel;
* New Ceilings;
* Conservatory, Sunroom, Patio or Stoep Enclosures;
* Braai Areas & Bomas;
* Partition Walls
* And Much More.


SINEG CONSTRUCTION offers amongst others, specialized rennovation of:
* Bathrooms;
* Entertainment Areas etc.
* Specific rennovation requirement(s) as prescribed by client(s).

Interior & Exterior Painting

SINEG CONSTRUCTION specialize in professional painting of a variety of different rooms and structures including but not limited to:
• Kitchens
• Kitchen Cabinets
• Living Rooms
• Bathrooms
• Garages
• Windows
• Doors
• Trim
• Drywall
• Exterior structures

Deck Painting

SINEG CONSTRUCTION specialize in professionally painting of decks, where we always are happy to help you pick the best deck stain color for your deck and/or alternatively advise on the best option for clients’ specific needs i.e. deck painting and/or deck staining.

Deck Staining

SINEG CONSTRUCTION specialize in professionally staining of decks, where we always are happy to help you pick the best deck stain color for your deck and/or alternatively advise on the best option for clients’ specific needs i.e. deck painting and/or deck staining.

Your #1 Carport, Shadeport, Patio Installer, Building and Renovator Contractor and Interior & Exterior Painter

Carports, Awnings & Shadeports

Building & Renovations

Interior & Exterior Painting

We work on a wide variety of projects

Why Choose Us

Our core values are;-

  • Individual capability (proactive, fast-driven decisions, etc.)
  • Honesty
  • Perseverance
  • Extraordinary commitment
  • Consistency
  • Living the Vision
  • Relationship focused (teamwork, respect, trust etc.)
  • Reliable
  • Passionate
  • Integrity
  • Disciplined thought
  • Hyper vigilant
  • Adaptable/flexible
  • Being able to recognise defining moments
  • Professionalism

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