Patio Awnings, Ceilings & Shadeports

Patio Awnings:

Awnings are low on maintenance but it is very important to keep gutters clean of leaves and debris often using a hosepipe to flush gutters, outside requires light cleaning with a wet cloth or Carwash shampoo. Galvanized steel offers great protection against rust compared to mild steel but still requires some maintenance and powder coating offers more aesthetic appeal, aluminum powder coated products offer a longer-lasting finish also requiring little maintenance in coastal lying areas. Galvanized steel is guaranteed not to rust and powder-coated aluminum has a lifetime finish.

Installing awnings, particularly patio covers and cabanas, is like adding a room to your house or commercial structure without the cost, mess and downtime of a construction project. Awnings protect carpets, furniture, draperies, inventories, windows and doors from both sun and rain damage.

In addition, awnings provide more comfortable living and working spaces, both inside and outside your home or building, as they keep temperatures down in the summer and keep surfaces dry in the winter. This results in both improved usage of existing space and reduced energy costs.

Although our products offer excellent rust resistance some maintenance is required like keeping awning clean from leaves and debris that can rot causing decay or clogging, also awnings are waterproof but in certain instances and installations can sometimes not be completely watertight especially around many existing pipes on walls, etc. also the front gutter is designed to overflow in heavy rains, more watertight products include our patio ceiling range.

Patio Ceilings:

Patio ceilings set the benchmark for beautiful extensions of your home and patios away from conventional building methods designed to complement and enhance your properties aesthetics whilst adding a great increase in its value it’s the ideal product to give your home a fully functional aesthetically stunning feature.

Built from a unique design and method with encased steel and gutter works, Isoboard ceilings, Led downlighting, skylights this product does it all and has it all, a wide range of finishes available construction time approx 2 weeks or more depending on size and complexity this product never disappoints and always impresses, can be designed to suit most architectural designs.


At SINEG CONSTRUCTION we provide top quality shadeports. Shadeports are a unique and economical alternative to traditional garages.

Our standard shadeports are constructed from tubular mild steel framework. Legs are either concreted into the ground or bolted with raw bolts to a concrete slab. The structure is covered with a knitted polyethylene net, which is sewn together with a Double-needle machine for maximum strength and stretch. The net is fixed to the frame using a galvanized steel cable or pipe surround or rope.

The shadecloth is approved by the cancer association. A shadeport comprises of a structural frame across which a shade cloth type of material or net is pulled to provide shade cover for a vehicle that is parked beneath it. The structural frame of the shade port can vary greatly in terms of material, method of construction and design. Timber frame shadeports are suited to creating individual shade spaces for private and domestic use and can be designed to complement the existing design of the house.

Shadeports offer a cost-effective solution for covered parking for small to large areas with a semi-waterproof or waterproof option available, our systems are of the highest standard and are engineers approved, in instances where hundreds of Shaded parking are needed this is the ideal product, our customers include Transnet port, huge developments throughout KZN, business parks, it’s a product and a name you can trust. Our buying power enables us to always be priced right and provide a quick turn around time.

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