SINEG CONSTRUCTION’S workmanship represent some of the BEST CARPORTS, AWNING– & PERGOLA builders in PRETORIA and CENTURION today with more than 36 years’ experience. If you are looking for carports in PRETORIA and CENTURION, you came to the right place. Through SINEG CONSTRUCTION, you can get the most affordable and best quality carport quotes. Every builder has a wealth of experience and provide professional, reliable tradesman that can get the job done on time and on budget. Every job comes with a warranty and quality workmanship.

Carport Types:

Custom, Single and Double Carport sizes:

The most common size carports are Single (3m x 6m) and Double Carports (6m x 6m) . All our carports are free standing but we can also attach the carport to your existing building, home or garage.

You can choose from a veriaty of the following options:

  • Carports for your driveway at home
  • Commercial scale carports for parking lots
  • Carports / Awnings make a great Patio cover in your backyard
  • Enclosed Carports




Depending on where you live and your budget you can choose from a range of carport roofing cover materials and carport plans. The most materials include IRB sheeting, Aluminium and Shade Cloth / Shadeports i.e.

  • Galvanised
  • Chromadeck
  • Fabric / Shade Cloth Carport
  • Polycarbonate
Firstly, what is a carport according the National Building Regulations?

According to the National Building Regulations and Building Standards Act (Act 103 of 1977) a carport is defined as a building intended to provide shelter for a motor vehicle, caravan, or boat with walls on not more than two sides. “…open-sided car, caravan or boat shelters or carports that do not exceed 40 square metres in size”.

Carports fall under the ‘Minor Building Work’ category.

“Whatever you construct on your property needs plans, unless it is defined as “minor building work”. Even so the Act states very well in Part A: General Principles and Requirements (this was previously Part A: Administration), that any structural building work that is defined as “minor building work” requires approval by your local authority’s building control officer before you can commence with any work . So long as you make an application to get the proper approval from the local authority, you DO NOT NEED PLANS. 

What does this mean for you? Do you need approval to build a carport?

According to the SANS regulations you do not need plans BUT you should check with your local council because you might still need to get approval.

More examples of what building plans are required for and what is not:
  1. Building plans ARE required for:

            1.1       New Homes;
            1.2       Additions & Alterations:
                        Internal alterations – including:
                        1.2.1 Walls removed, moving or added;
                        1.2.2 Walls raised or lowered;
                        1.2.3 Door / Windows changes (made bigger or smaller or moved);
                        1.2.4 Use of a room is changed (example: garage into a habitable space);
                        1.2.5 Carport converted to garage;
                        1.2.6 Existing patio enclosed;
                        1.2.7 Mezzanine floor added;
                        1.2.8 Material changes.

  1. Minor works that do not need building plan approval:

            2.1       Braais without a chimney;
            2.2       Garden sheds less than 3m;
            2.3       Gate for cars – unless partly on pavement or the City’s land;
            2.4       Replacement of windows or doors– provided the existing frames aren’t load bearing, and that openings aren’t enlarged or that any openings needed for fire escapes aren’t removed.

            2.5       Minor repairs to a house or shop – for example, replacement of roofing or tile sheets;
            2.6       New appliances or new fittings – for example, installing a new toilet, bath or geyser, or changing the position of these, provided that the work does not include new or extended drainage or plumbing.

It is strongly recommended to work with professional practitioners rather than trying to do it alone.

Get Estimated Carport Pricing:

Need a Carport?

Carport Prices:

Carports are a cost-effective way to keep your car protected from the elements and add value to your home or office premises. They come in various sizes and materials and are cheaper than garages. Here is a useful table with the average cost of carports:

Average Carport Prices: 

Please note these are starting from prices excluding vat and depend on the style, materials and many other factors that will influence the final price.

Single Carport (shade net)

2,8m x 6m

R  8 000.00

Double Carport (shade net)

5,8m x 5,8m

R10 500.00

Single Carport (Galv Metal)

3m x 6m

R14 000.00

Single Carport (Cromadek)

3m x 6m

R15 000.00

Double Carport (Galv Metal)

6m x 6m

R20 700.00

Double Carport (Cromadek)

6m x 6m

R22 000.00

Single Carport Dome (Galv Metal)

2,8m x 5,5m

R12 000.00

Single Carport Dome (Cromadek)

2,8m x 5,5m

R12 600.00

Double Carport Dome (Galv Metal)

5,5m x 5,5m

R17 000.00

Double Carport Dome (Cromadek)

5,5m x 5,5m

R18 000.00

What determines the price of a carport?

The price of carports depends on various factors:

  • Labour and preparation involved
  • Carport size
  • Carport type
  • Extras (including gabled ends, windows, lighting, lattice or paint)
Labour and Preparation:

In order to build your carport, your carport professional will need to prepare the area. This could involve:

  • Digging up grass
  • Leveling the ground
  • Paving
  • Removal of rubble or vegetation
  • Preparing foundations

The more labour and preparation involved, the higher the total cost will be.

Carport Size:

Carports generally come in 2 sizes:

  • 3m x 6m (single carport)
  • 5,8m x 5,8m (double carport)

If you need your carport to accommodate more cars, SINEG CONSTRUCTION can construct a customized carport but this will push up the price of the carport.

Carport Type:

There is a wide range of carports to choose from:

  • Shade net carports
  • Hard roof carports (eg. metal or wooden frame)
  • Enclosed shade net or hard roof carports

Shade net carports are the most cost-effective option, while hard roof carports are more expensive.

Carport Extras:

Standard carports provide all the protection your car needs, but you might want to add some extras.

Lighting is a great security feature, while custom paint, varnish, gables and lattice edges make the carport an attractive feature.

Carport Designs:

Flat Roof Carport with Open Design:  Flat roof carports with an open design have fewer poles and can be very wide to accommodate several cars.

Flat Roof Carport with 3-Side Panel Design: 3-side panel carports can be attached to a wall or building and are great to use as patios.

Flat Roof Carport Patio with CromoDek Design: CromoDek is a very durable material and is an attractive alternative to steel or metal carports.

Pitched A-Frame Carport: A-frame carports give your property a modern look. Since their roofs don’t have standing water after rain, they help prevent mosquito infestations.

Carport Styles:

Attach the carport to your building

In the harsh South African sun your car is easily damaged. A carport is a great way to protect your vehicle from the elements.

Build a freestanding Carport

Your home is your asset and adding a carport will increase the value of your home and make it easier to sell.

Gable or Flat roof style

A well designed carport or awning can really add a great effect to the entrance or entertainment area of your home.

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